The Real Problem With Rodents

So, here it is. You are running a small business in one of the most iconic boroughs of the country, never mind New York State, but you’ve got this problem. Rodents! Plenty of them! Rats and mice and goodness knows, how many hundreds more cockroaches, everywhere. How disgusting is that? Man, you need a rodent exterminator staten island callout real pronto. And then that man in the van can start smoking them out.

If he’s not smoking them out, he’s laying the die-hard bait. First you see them, then the next thing you know – boom! They’re gone. Good to know you’ve still got a pest – rodents and cockroaches – exterminator to rely on. And then, after a few days of bliss – not a sound of scratching at the back of the shop – you say to yourself; finally! Free at last! Finally, peace and quiet and all the rest of it. You’re so chuffed you’re tempted.

You’re tempted to give the roach and rat man another call to say thanks pal, for a job well done. And of course, he’ll be saying; sure thing, it was no problem at all. Only too glad to help out. But then six months later, if not, sooner, this happens. They’re back! They’re crawling all over the place. Oh man! Back to square one. Back to ground zero. And you’re thinking back to the time when the exterminator came around.

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No, really, it was never his fault. He did his job fair and square. And maybe he was one of those guys that was just too decent to tell you to your face that the problem lay with you. There’s a reason why all these nice folks like to come and visit. They just luurve the dirt and trash you haven’t bothered to clear out.