Tips For Preventing Clogs

The pipes we have running to our home are the source for many items that we need.  Water, gas, sewer and a few others are vital to our comfort and survival.  One thing that we don’t want is to have these clogged.  Having a sewer line clog houston tx can result in expensive repairs and even potential illness if not treated properly.

The sewer is where our waste products go.  When using the toilet, the waste travels down through pipes connected to our homes and into a septic system or into the sewer system.  When it reaches the sewer system the waste travels to processing facilities where it is disposed of properly.  If we have a clog in our system, all of this waste could return to haunt us.

Don’t throw wrong things out

There are only specific things that should go down into the sewers.  Items like sanitary napkins, grease, oil, paper towels and other materials not meant for the toilet.  The only thing that should go down the toilet are waste materials that come out of you and toilet paper.  Everything else needs to be disposed of in a different manner.

Use drains cleaner

Drain cleaner is a good thing to have in your home.  You want to use drain cleaner to help prevent clogs and other backups.  Items such as hair, paper and other items mentioned may begin to clog the pipes.  If they do, use this to help dissolve the blockage chemically.

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A Snake

A snake is another item that you will want to have.  With a snake you can send a wire down into the pipes and help break up anything that may have collected. 

A plumber

If drain cleaner and a snake don’t work, consider contacting a licensed plumber.  They will be able to come out with their equipment and locate the clog and remove it.